Saturday, October 2, 2010

Steampunk LEGO Part 3: 8 Great pics of Star Wars

Ok last part of my Steampunk LEGO series. And everyone loves Star Wars. May as well end it with a bang courtesy of our fiends over at FBTB

Monday, September 27, 2010

Steampunk LEGO part 2: Back From Vacation

 My ride back from the cabin!

So, that's not the name of it or anything but I just got back from fishing for the weekend so I had to tie it in somehow. Here's another top tier specimen of how steampunk and LEGO tie in so well together. This archaic looking design by improbcat is an instant classic. The very shape of this compact flyer epitomizes my love of the use of this genre inside the LEGO medium.

Be sure to check out his Flikr stream HERE

complete with some great car pics!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Love Steampunk LEGO

Particularly when you get something this magnificent. I first got into steampunk a few years back when I was living in Seattle, for some reason there was a huge following of it out there. Same with Warhammer, haven't found much action back here in Minnesota.

I absolutely love this piece, on so many different levels. The scale, the detail and the pure immersion. Takes me back to the early GURPS days, basically trying to invent rules for Steampunk, converted from Spelljammer. The balloon rules too, I always fail big when trying to make spheres out of LEGO.

This is Floating Oasis by jason corlett

A real balancing act!!! 

The dock is very nice and simple 

Gotta love that fountain

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Lego Table

Clocking in at over 22k pieces, this impressive feat of LEGO architecture is a beauty to behold. Its always nice to see some of these childhood (and adulthood) hobbies make it into the corporate world. I wonder how much you could sell one of these for?

Lots of great little personalized feature.

Oh and the best glue!

Monday, September 13, 2010

"From Above" by Ben Folds and Nick Hornby

Heard this on 89.3 The Current the other day. Although I have not always been the biggest fan of Ben Folds in the past, I certainly respect the contributions made to the music community. He is really making me love him the last month with these 2 songs.

and heres a bonus vid "You Dont Know Me at all" ft. Regina Spektor

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Unreal Star Wars LEGO Chess Set by icgetaway

There is so much great stuff going on here its tough to wrap my head around it. Not only stunning visually, it looks to be functional as well. There have been other Star Wars LEGO chess sets in the past but none that I can remember that focuses on The Empire Strikes Back. Gonna have to get out my VHS (the old version, not the new updated crap) of the movie and pop it in after football.

Check out his flickr stream for some more cool stuff

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Star Wars vs. Lego Castle : Floating Death Rock by SlyOwl

What a great juxtaposition between two classic icons. The way the Castle elements play perfect with the needs of this bizarre structure, is just a testament to the versatility of LEGO. Any artist knows, in just about any medium, that spheres are very difficult to do. A magnificent piece done by SlyOwl, who is already a LEGEND in the LEGO community. He has done so many unreal MOCs it just blows the mind.

Compare it to the  LEGO Star Wars Death Star (10188) original

Star Invaders

This unique MOC, by powerpig combines 3 of my favorite things, Star Wars, gaming and LEGO! Anyone over the age of 30 surely remembers the Jolt fueled days spent plugging quarter after quarter into games like Space Invaders. Only then to go home and build a giant space inspired galactic cruisers while watching Star Wars:Return. Ah the good ole days...

Be Sure to check out his Flickr stream here

Its Not A Trap!

Check out this hilarious commercial for Ole Miss.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hogwarts By lego tohst

Check out THIS incredible rendition of Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter. I'm not a huge fan of the books or movies but I do love the LEGO elements the theme gives us! The color and style of the elements from the Harry Potter sets are some of the best around. From the beige wall elements to the of green roofing. The beautiful spiral staircase and the roofing are some of the most architecturally sound LEGO structures Ive seen.


Awesome Bio-Zombie Elephant Warrior Tattoo

My pal just got this exquisite piece of art on his leg. Unique is an understatement. Described as a Biomech Zombie Elephant, this is as cool as it comes my friends. In a world awash with gimp tribal armbands and the like, its a delight to be associated with a fellow with this kind of dedication

Not really anything LEGO here just big time win.

Birthday Wish

Here is my birthday wish. The good ole Slave 1...boba...han (even in carbonite), this is the pinnacle of Star Wars LEGO. Just unreal....

youll buy this LEGO set for me
/waves hand

LEGO Star Wars Slave 1 (8097)

but Ide settle for this ;)

LEGO Star Wars Slave I 

The Lego cake

Something to do on labor day I guess. My pal Cupcake Lady over at Deep Fried or Frosted has really outdone herself this time. Fresh off her 22nd or 23rd birthday (I cant remember) she still finds the time to come out with THIS tasty looking confection. Make sure to check out her Frugal Living section for some great deal!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love pink LEGO elements! In fact LEGO Bellville was one of my favorite themes. Anyhow, I hope to get a nom nom off that tomorrow

Monday, September 6, 2010

DeLorean by Legohaulic

One of cinemas all time classics is brought "back" to life by legohaulic in THIS sweet creation. Nice RC controller to boot. "Back to the Future" was one of the first movies I ever remember seeing in the theaters. The nostalgia level on this is off the charts.
Be sure to check out all his great creations HERE

BrickArms releases Army Men Weapons Pack

If you were interested in my previuos blog entry : We'll Fight Them In The Trenches, your gonna love this. BrickArms has release a weapons pack to go along with the release of Disney Army Men on Patrol Toy Story Lego Set. Really cool stuff here, loving the sawed off shotgun. Also check out the Sci-Fi weapons pack for any of you starcraft builders. These weapons fit all LEGO minifigs.

Do Want

That is all, too drunk to post anything else

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rouge Castle by Crimson Wolf

This is the kind of thing that inspires me to build in the Castle genre. Im always amazed how some people can jam a ton of minfigs into a reletavly small area. Great fauna, love what lego has done over the years with these elements. Although Im kinda bummed out about how many food/gem elements in their sets these days, instead of bricks. Anyhow, imho, this is one of the finest examples of castle architecture in a LEGO setting. Really loving that little archers roost, and the style of the roof.

Make sure to check out his Flickr HERE

And now for something completly different...

Check out my friends, The Cupcake Lady, new blog. She is one of the best and innovative cooks this side of the Mississippi. She does all sorts of fun stuff like deep fired cupcakes. This stuff is mmmn mmmn good, in fact they usually cant get rid of me when I decide to visit. Also she is a wizard of the supermarket, getting deals like I have never seen before. Make sure to check out her Frugal Living Tips page for more info.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome Humans! I am ready for you

Check out this spectacular MOC done by Kieth Goldman. Modeled after the 1976 (jeesh been that long?) movie Logans Run. The fauna in particular really catches my eye along with the great use of SNOT (studs not on top) for the water. Lord knows, if I try to do anything in SNOT, its just an excercise in futulity. The retro minifigs are also a great touch and makes me pine for the LEGO collection of my youth. My only gripe about this remarkable MOC is the absence of the iconic monorail. That being said, I would definatley give this MOC 5/5 stars. Really cool stuff.


Make sure to check out his Flickr for more great pictures

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Released

A little treat for all you Star Wars fans Imperial Shuttle was released recently. At $259.99, this beauty dosnt come cheap. Clocking in with a whopping 2500+ pieces this will be sure to give you hours of fun. 5 minifigs including Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV open beta goes live

Havnt been able to get through yet but hopefully soon

Go HERE to try your luck


Don't have much to say about this except make sure you view it on BLACK

Patrick Biggs' Vayland Dragon redux

When this guy built this originally a couple years back, people were amazed. Judging by work and creativity he has put into part 2 I think people are going to drop dead. Im usually not a big fan of bionicle elements but this is just masterly.

LEGO Shop-at-Home Free Shipping

Spent $75 at the LEGO website and receive free shipping! Any LEGO enthusiast know 75 bones is a paltry sum of money to spend on your habit!

Couple of things I'm looking at ordering 

LEGO® Kingdoms King's Castle 7946

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Be sure to check out LEGO Shop-at-Home for all your brick crack needs.