Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Entries roll in for last day of FBTB MOC contest

Tons of great entries at FBTBs 1st annual MOC contest. Tons of great stuff here and if your a Star Wars fan you need to check this out. Here's a small sample.

Rouge Cutter by ACPin

The RAF 12101 Spitfire by Luisfiregas1

And my personal favorite.

The Artemis Genesis by Fartmouth

Check out the full thread HERE

We'll Fight Them In the Trenches......

Check out THIS unique MOC. Its this kind of cross-genre building that I love. From transformers to warhammer, starcraft to D&D....this stuff always inspires to (think about) building some of the classic licenses from my childhood.

Remember blowing up green army men with black cats? We used to have huge campaigns with our army men and GI Joes, I wince to think about how much money was blown up in my back yard.

Read the full article HERE

Monday, August 30, 2010

Blast From the Past

Since there is so much nostalgia going on in the comments, I figured Ide dig out THIS beauty. This was actually the first "real" set I remember doing as a kid.

6 minifigs and 2 horses, plus a bunch of great roof and wall elements. Flag, bows and pennents. Theres much to love here. This is (was) a castle builders dream set. Would still love to get my hands on a mint set...

Classic Castle Impulse Set Challenge ends soon

 One of Classic Castles famous contests ends on Sept 3rd. This is an Impulse challenge, meaning its between 15-19 pieces (see rules below). Very easy and fun challenge for everyone in every skill range. http://www.classic-castle.com/ is one of the foremost MOC building communities with regular contests and tons of other fun stuff! Be sure to sign up today!



1. Your entry must contain only 1 minifig.
2. You may not use less then 15 pieces and max 19 pieces.
3. You may only enter one entry.
4. Your entry must be build newly and not been build before.
6. You may not enter an existing impulse set.
5. Have fun an ejoy.

So the challenge will start from right now till the 3rd of September (2 weeks).
After the two weeks I'll have a look if we can post a poll, if not we'll fiqure something out so the winner be be chosen farely.

Check it out Here

Bad-ass Lego UFO MOC

Stunning to say the least

I love the non-linear borders.

Full article HERE
Do you own THIS album? Then go buy it, now.

Series 2 minifigs have been spotted on sale!!!!

Not in the US yet apparently, but its only a matter of time! These look crispy, probably have to get about 5 sets of them.

That spartan looks particulary sweet, although the shield is kinda a dud.

Full article here here

Edit: Im looking for any series 1 sets, please contact me if you would like to part with any.

New centaurs roll out from BrickForge

Check out these awesome centaur figs from www.brickforge.com.
Recurve bow? Yes, please.

Full article here http://www.brickforge.com/?p=367

Gives me a reason to try and get my forest elements up to par.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Money Sink of the Week

The first MSotW is going to be comics. Since my interests are all over the place, I have decided to focus on one area each week.

Week 1 - Comics

Lady Death
Evil Ernie
Gen 13
The Darkness

...and pretty much any "bad girl" comic.

Please contact me with any inquries.

Post 1

The purpose of this blog is to itemize and update the list of collectibles I am looking for. If you have (or want) any items I have blogged about, feel free to contact me at pwsellsword@gmail.com