Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Entries roll in for last day of FBTB MOC contest

Tons of great entries at FBTBs 1st annual MOC contest. Tons of great stuff here and if your a Star Wars fan you need to check this out. Here's a small sample.

Rouge Cutter by ACPin

The RAF 12101 Spitfire by Luisfiregas1

And my personal favorite.

The Artemis Genesis by Fartmouth

Check out the full thread HERE


Jackson Magest said...

The Artemis Genesis is so cool

maxzl said...

Interesting collection!



Hamid Khan said...

tht sure is great.

johanathan biggles said...

The Artemis Genesis would have to be my favourite of the three aswell.

http://boomproteineverywhere.blogspot.com said...

BOOM! Making my daily rounds to say "hi"

Swarmster said...

Making my rounds to my favorites, sweet stuff man, keep it coming.